men-speak-out-logoMen Speak Out a cross European project engaging men on the issue of female genital mutilation. It aims to engage men in the process of ending FGM and, on a larger scale, to end violence against women and promote gender equality through a human rights’ approach.

The project is led by GAMS Belgium, with FORWARD in the UK, HIMILO foundation in Netherlands and the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp as partners.



United to End FGM is a 13 country project developing a web-based knowledge platform targeting professionals in Europe.

The platform will gather accessible and culturally appropriate information and support for professionals to provide accessible high quality services to women and girls living with or at risk of FGM. The Portal will be formally launched on Zero Tolerance to FGM Day 2017, followed by national launches throughout the month.


end-fgm-eu-network-updatedThe END FGM European Network is a European umbrella network of 16 organisations working to ensure sustainable European action to end female genital mutilation.

FORWARD is the UK member, and our Executive Director- Naana Otoo-Oyortey MBE is the President of the network.

The End FGM European Network will continue the work of the End FGM European Campaign by placing FGM high on the EU agenda through campaigns, policy and projects.

Past Projects
Create Youth Net


CREATE Youth-Net is a two year European Commission Daphne co-funded programme led by FORWARD in partnership with the Federation of Somali Associations in the Netherlands (FSAN), Family Planning Association (APF) in Portugal and Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO) in the UK.

CREATE Youth-Net aims to safeguard young people from harmful practices, in particular Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and forced marriage and focuses on youth engagement and campaign action, participatory research and school support.


Replace 2REPLACE 2 is a two year project being co-funded by the European Commission. This project follows the successful completion of REPLACE I in 2011. REPLACE 2 is the product of the cooperation of six European countries; England (Coventry University and FORWARD), the Netherlands (FSAN), Italy (CESIE), Portugal (APF), Spain (Gabinet) and Belgium (Ghent University).

REPLACE 2 will implement and evaluate the behavioural change and community-based Toolkit developed by REPLACE 1. Partners will work directly with FGM-affected communities in the EU to understand the barriers to behavioural change and therefore develop tailored interventions which community groups and NGOs can use in future efforts to bring about the end of FGM in the EU and beyond. See the REPLACE 2 website for further information.


CHANGE Project The CHANGE Project, is co-funded by the European Union under the Daphne Programme. It aims at enabling FGM practising communities across the EU to advocate for the abandonment of FGM through the empowerment of key members within these communities.

The CHANGE project builds on the behaviour change approach developed under REPLACE 1 project. The project is led by TERRE DES FEMMES (TDF) from Germany in partnership with EuroNet-FGM, Federation of the Somali Associations in the Netherlands (FSAN), FORWARD in the UK, Riksföreningen Stoppa Kvinnlig Könsstympning (RISK) in Sweden and Plan International (Plan) Germany.

This broad partnership which includes five lead FGM campaigners allows for the implementation of a pilot programme in different African communities in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK simultaneously. The project focuses on training community change agents, promoting behaviour change and tackling stigma. See the Change Project website for further information.