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These Are Our Friends

A collection of poetry written by FORWARD’s youth advocates.

These Are our Friends - Front CoverYoung people from four cities (London, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham) took part in creative writing workshops that developed their campaigning and creative writing skills as they experimented with the power and depth that words can have to spread a message.

The poems capture the nuances and complexities of the practice of FGM and the varying emotions and feelings that the practice evokes inviting the readers to engage in a wider discussion about the links, rationale, and complications of a practice that can at times be oversimplified in wider public debate and commentary.

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Harmattan- Signed Copy

A paperback novel by Gavin Weston, a FORWARD ambassador.

HarmattanHaoua is a young girl growing up in a remote village in the Republic of Niger. Spirited, independent and intelligent, she has benefited from a stable home life and a loving and attentive mother and enjoys working and playing with her siblings and friends.

Haoua worships her elder brother, Abdelkrim, a serving soldier who sends money home to support the family. But, on his last home visit, Abdelkrim quarrels with their father accusing him of gambling away the money he sends and being the cause of their mother’s worsening health. It also emerges that their father plans to take a second wife.

Despite this Haoua finds contentment in her schoolwork, her dreams of becoming a teacher and in writing assiduously to the family in Ireland who act as her aid sponsors.

But for Haoua, there are new storm clouds on the horizon: as civil strife mounts in Niger, she begins to fear for Abdelkrim’s safety; Her mother’s illness is much more serious and further advanced than anyone had recognised, and her father’s plans are turning out to be far more threatening than she could have ever imagined.

Approaching her twelfth birthday, Haoua feels alone and vulnerable for the very first time in her life.

Signed by the author.

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Female Genital Mutilation: Treating the Tears

An academic text by Haseena Lockhat (2004)

Female Genital Mutilation: Treating the Tears deals with the topical and controversial issue of female circumcision. A thoroughly researched and academic work, it aim to raise awareness not only of the physical but also the psychological effects of this procedure.

The book describes how the UK has no effective procedure either to identify girls ‘at risk’ or those who have been taken away to be circumcised. In addition, there is no blanket training, information, or guidance to health professionals, and a few support mechanisms for girls who have suffered from their experience, Dr Lockhat argues that there is a great opportunity for their work to be co-ordinated, for good practice to e shared, and a areal difference to be made. From extensive interviews with circumcised women she details their experiences and recommends ways forward for all those who may be involved in their care.

Written in a highly accessible style, the book will be of great value to policy makers and to those involved in health, social care and community work.

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The Blood of Women

A film by Chrisitan Lajoumard

The Pokot live in the northwest region of Kenya and inp arts of Uganda. They are proud and fiercely independent people with a strong cultural identity and vigorous traditions. One of these traditions is female genital mutilation: a required rite of passage to adulthood.

This film records the testimonies of men and women who have experienced this tradition, fight against it, and often have been victims of it.

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Our unisex STOP FGM t-shirts are EarthPositive, made with organic cotton and environmentally friendly inks.


      Front of t-shirt                         Back of t-shirt

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Artwork developed using the poetry from These Are Our Friends as inspiration. Each art work represents one of the four themes of the poems: This Is – Our Inspiration, This Is – Our Community, This Is It: FGM and This Is: Our Life. The themes have been beautifully illustrated by talented and creative professionals from the worlds of fashion, graphic and web design, social media and music. You can purchase these as high quality A3 posters.

Game Face Poster - sm   Party Plan poster sm   I Know Her - poster sm   We us community poster sm                                                                   Game Face                 The Party Plan                      I Know Her                         We, Us, Community

 High Quality Posters

These Are Our Friends Poster

These Are Our Friends Poster

One sided A3 card poster of the poetry artwork.

This collection includes the artwork of the front cover  of the poetry collection, These Are Our Friends by OddKinCreate.

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