Building partnerships to make a difference

FORWARD recognises that there is a greater chance of stopping FGM and child marriage through mass calls for change. We also believe strongly that partnership and information-sharing is an essential aspect of a sustainable women’s sector. We work alongside other organisations to achieve these goals.

National Partnerships

WHEC (Women’s Health Equality Consortium) – WHEC is a strategic partner of the Department of Health.  It works to tackle health inequalities and advance policies and practices that improve health for all women and girls.

FGM Coalition – The FGM Coalition brings together many of the lead organisations working on FGM to act as an intermediary body between community groups and policy and decision makers to end FGM in the UK. In addition to FORWARD, the coalition includes Equality Now, Daughters of Eve and IKWRO.

EVAW (End Violence Against Women Coalition) – Founded in 2005, EVAW is a national coalition of women’s organisations, universities and academics. The coalition lobbies for the UK Government to continue to take a strategic approach to ending violence against women. The organisation also works to challenge wider cultural attitudes that enable violation against women.

International Partnerships

Gender and Development (GAD) Network – FORWARD is an active member of the GAD Network, and is also a member of the GAD Network Violence Against Women and Girls working group.  The GAD Network is a consortium of organisations that work together to ensure that the UK Government’s development policies and legislations include gender-related issues.

Girls Not Brides UK Network – FORWARD is the co-chair of the Girls Not Brides UK Network. Girls Not Brides is an international organisation dedicated to eradicating child marriage globally. We work together with a number of organisations – united by their desire to combat child marriage – to lobby the UK Government to make ending child marriage an international development priority.

End FGM EU Campaign – FORWARD is the UK member organisation within the End FGM EU campaign. The campaign is hosted by Amnesty International Ireland, and works to push FGM up on the EU agenda. The campaign also aims to amplify the voices of women affected by FGM and ensure they inform policy recommendations.